Sunday, November 15, 2009

Review: The Book of Dumb Tables

I had the luxury of getting a copy of Hex Games' "The Book of Dumb Tables" pdf over the weekend from their online store (yes we mention this semi-local small-press rpg publisher a lot, but we do not have shared interest. The ogres just enjoy Hex's games and local status). Anyways, how do we begin to describe this amazing book?

One Word: Phenomenal. Yes, LL Cool J once rapped about the word, and little did you know he was discussing this book. A quick look at the hilarious cover tells you right away that this book is going to be just as fun as other Hex material, and it is. If you don't play utilizing Hex's own QAGs system, don't fret - the tables are actually just basic information available for use with ANY setting. So take this on the road in your World of Darkness, Valgora, Faerun, or (heaven forbid...) new World of Darkness.
At a great price of $2.11 and instant download, you'll be able to have quick reference tables for things ranging from group origin concepts (my three random roles resulted in the PCs being cyborgs who work as reporters and are opposed by gorillas - yes please and a ticket to this movie), contemporary or time period names (Hazel and Phyllis typically don't hang out with Mohammeds), super hero names from bygone ages (my character Daphne moonlights as The Unfathomable Ice Ghost - artist rendition at left) and another role from the Really Lame Superpowers table gave her the awe-inspiring ability to control blankets! Some may argue the every-day useful ness of some of the latter, but the book continues on with random colors, animals, and then some more fun with B list actors and actresses (or arguably some from the C and D list). Follow that up with some random facts about your PC or actions he/she may perform, and you've got yourself a highly affordable fun pdf with both every-day useful material and fun stuff.
Not to leave the Game Master out, however, Hex includes a few tables oriented for use by the runner of your sessions. My personal favorite are the X and Y tables, with X being "It's like..." and Y being "meets...". Therefore, a good idea at random you could receive for a session plot is It's Like Aladdin meets Pulp Fiction!
So, in closing, head over to Hex Games and grab a copy of The Book of Dumb Tables. You'll be glad you did. Till next time....

Ogres Out

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