Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ogre Profiles: Gayle

We return with yet another Ogre Profile this Saturday just for your enjoyment. Continuing what started two weeks ago with Hooper's profile (also, that has been updated for better quality and the second page of his character sheet - check it out!) and last week with our "hey we slacked so here is us buying some time" profile, today we touch on chapter member Gayle Neal's character sheet.

(click any page to enlarge it)
Above we can see that, at least alledgedly, Gayle is a female human. Also, some chapter members are shouting bulls*** at that many ranks in Diplomacy.....;) Gayle has been an active member of our Paducah chapter since last year, though she was an associate member back in 05 and 06. Moving along....
Here we have a pretty informative character sheet page. The attentive feat may just be wishful thinking but the rest seems pretty legit. Finally....
Now we get to a really informative yet vague page. Just what dvd collection is she carrying, and does the Dazzle ability mean that she moonlights as the "hero" Dazzler? We may never know. But the blink deck is definitely a good call on her part.
Tune in next week when we profile Ogre member Cactus Jake the Snake of Kubitschekistan. Until then, however.....

Ogres Out

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