Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ogre Profiles: The Chapter!

For some of you more attentive individuals, you may have realized that last saturday we promised you another Profile each and every Saturday. Well, unfortunately, the next couple of profiles are not quite yet ready, so today we stall for time while profiling our chapter itself!

Our chapter, the Quilt City Ogres, have quite a history of gaming in the region in the past few years.

The gaming group that would eventually become the quilt city ogres formed in 2006 in Paducah, Kentucky. The acronym Ogre began to be used by the players after coming across the moniker that was then being used by the Sin City Ogres (Sin City chapter logo seen at the right. Note the different colored d20. Being Kentucky boys, we opted to go with blue in our logo, because we can) via the internet. Players began recording their sessions and uploading them to video sharing website Youtube, and when creating this account adopted the name the "Quilt City Ogres" after first asking permission from the Vegas group of gamers. With permission granted and the logo provided, the gang began to use the term to identify themselves as their youtube videos began to spread throughout the regional gamers.

The later parts of 2007 would see the creation of a website and forums for the chapter, and by this point the term had become synomynous with the group. Some members moved off to college and nearby cities, forming the chapters that would become the Soil Ogres and the Derby City Ogres.

With the formation of nearby chapters becoming more prevalent over the course of the next two years, the Quilt City Ogres decided to spearhead the incorporation of the Ogres and began to formulate plans to do so.

After much preparation, the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts, Incorporated, was formed in late 2009 within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With this happening, the Quilt City Ogres became the "mother chapter" of the organization as a whole. New chapters must contact this chapter in order to form, and for assistance with Ogre-related issues.

The Quilt City Ogres average 37 active members and 14 associate members . The current chapter coordinator is Hooper and the Senior Dungeon Master will be voted into office late this month. Hopefully by next saturday one of these active members won't be a slacker!! Til then...

Ogres Out

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