Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

Over at - a wonderful Gaming Advocacy website, they've found out that a County Sheriff website has up in their online archive a bit of false and incorrectly stated comments about RPGs. As the wonderful Escapist put it, "the Thurston County Sheriff's Office website would like you to be aware of some possible warning signs that your child could be a victim of computer crime - or even worse, the culprit! Some of those signs include a sudden interest in hard rock music, satanic posters, words replacing "f" with "ph," files ending in GIF, JPG, and BMP, and "(a)n obsession with fantasy adventure games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Trade Wars."

Thankfully, it seems that the link to the offending page on the Sheriff's website is no longer working. Additionally, searches of RPG, RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, and similar do not show any results. Is it just the site being crashed due to The Escapist popular link, or can the gaming community hope for a little common sense to defeat the moral panic? Let us hope it is the latter. Until next time....

Ogres Out

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