Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playtesting Notes: Laser Ponies

The Ogres have recently been playtesting Hex Games recent release: Laser Ponies. Hex Games is a small semi-local company that has put out a great deal of fun pen and paper RPGs using their own system known as "QAGS" - The Quick Ass Game System.

Laser Ponies is an all-ages game that is just meant to be fun, family friendly, imaginative, and an all-around easy way to play a tabletop rpg with the kids. However, since the fathers in our Ogres group have kids either too young to play or the same age as most of the ogres and female and in college and way too cute to return our calls or drop that protection order.....well, we played it ourselves.
Anyways, the Ogres enjoy Laser Ponies as an "intermission game." What this means, is that while playing our game - say our Tuesday evening D20 Modern, we'll take a break halfway through and play a quick bit of Laser Ponies. The feel of the game and the breaking up of the two games really reminds one of old morning cartoons that would feature two different casts (read: SpaceGhost and Dino Boy or the Superman/Aquaman hour of adventure).
Really, sadly, it is hard to accurately put to notes that playtesting of Laser Ponies. In short, you'll just have to get a copy of the game for yourself, so that you can understand the fun and carefree feeling that game comes across with. The quick character creation can allow for a short excursion into LaserPonyLand for a good laugh and lots of fun.

Ogres Out


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  3. My first impression of Laser Ponies is that it has a cheesy name. But when my wife bought it and my daughter had a lot of fun with it, I now think Laser Ponies is kinda cool.

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