Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Ogres, New Chapter, and Egypt Wars

You may have noticed that we haven't uploaded much to Ye Olde Blog in the past few weeks. Well, here is our excuse - and it's a good one: our blogger just had a baby. Well, he didn't have it, his wife did, but he was there man. He was there.
Meet our newest Ogre, William James Riley Hooper, who came in at nearly 10 pounds after 36 hours of labor (followed by a C Section because who doesn't want to have all the agony of prolonged labor with the fun of surgery?).

You can see more chapter members here. Speaking of chapters, the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts would like to welcome yet-another new chapter aboard. This chapter goes by the name the Friendly City Ogres and hail from Athens in Eastern Tennessee.

Currently, our chapter is preparing for its participation in the Egypt Wars gaming convention in Carbondale, IL next month. Sponsored by Castle Perilous game store, the event is in about two weeks and we strongly recommend you come out and visit us at our O.G.R.E. booth. Til then....

Ogres Out