Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays

The Ogres have been quiet lately (you can blame a b-horror film quality beast made from the ashes of the holiday season mixed with a change of chapter webmaster). We shall be returning shortly with more awe-inspiring award-winning entries* after the holidays are over. 2010 comes marching our way (well, actually it comes Januarying our way...) and we are preparing for aggresive expansion into new cities and increased networking with the other upstart chapters. So, expect great things (and if we fail blame it on the other guy. You know the one.).

Anyways, may your stockings be full of ThinkGeek items and your cups full of brew. Eat merrily, and remember....there may come a christmas when the stomachs of men fail...but this christmas is not that holiday.

Ogres Out

*=total lie

Thursday, December 10, 2009

M-Force Cometh

Coming this Christmas:

Hi. I'm Michael McMillian with McMillian & Murphy Law Center, the "Personal Injury Law Firm."* You may know me from my Atlanta commercials. Anyways, I've recently returned from the M-Force Academy and, as you doubtlessly saw on the local news, have already taken down a couple no good monsters. Since I survived and because you know me, I've been tasked by my M-Force superiors with recruiting and coordinating our newest M-Force team. With monsters everywhere, we need the help. Think you're up for the job? Find out.

Ogres Out

*fictional character