Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids & Crits

Hello Interents. We made the blog for you and sent it down thru a series of tubes so that you could view it. The Ogres have been out and about being, well, ogreish. The Valgorian Campaign is slowly marching towards a undead war that should be great. Ogre Charles (of Charles & Loretta, not of Charles the Chuckanator Chawles) has been so kind as to be the interim host while the new Ogre Lair gets refitted.
Ogre Hooper and Ogress Aimee have found out they will be having a little Ogre joining the gang in roughly 9 months, making Ogretyke Katherine an older sister! Wish them luck and congratulations the next time you see them out. Jake is preparing for his Ogre of a move in about 6 months into town.
In other news, new-first-time-father with that new baby smell Graham and his wife are preparing a friendly-to-a-family-schedule campaign. Obviously the Hoopers will be involved. If you are an Ogre follower or regional gamer who has a 9-5er and family to take care of, but still love to game, then this will be the campaign for you. Reasonable hours.
Anyways, until next time.........

Ogres Out

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday Session Cancellation!

Just a quick note to make sure everyone knows that this sunday's Valgora campaign session has been cancelled so that Ogres can spend time with family for Father's Day.
The game is expected to return next sunday at 5:00 PM!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Regional GEEKERY: Assistance Needed

For those of you keeping track, you may remember that members of the Ogres, the Paducah Imperials, and other local Star Trek fans are currently in the process of putting together a chapter here in town of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association.
You can help! For over a decade in the 80s and 90s, Paducah did have an active chapter. Known as the USS CONSTELLATION II NCC 1728, this chapter promoted the ideology of Starfleet (A better and brighter tomorrow) by helping out in the community and holding charity events. We want to hunt down old members.
Through much detective work we have already been led to a few former members, but any help would be appreciated. Don't just limit it to old members, make sure to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested. How can you tell? Well the guy wearing his vulcan ears is a dead giveaway, but be sure not to pass by that guy in line to see the new movie, or the woman asking about the new game, or the family purchasing the dvd at your local movie store.

Ogres Out

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lair gets a new Ogre

We would like to congratulate Ogre Couple Graham and Kaiser Griffin on their newest addition, first born Eve Elise Griffin. They welcomed their first daughter last night at Western Baptist Hospital here in Paducah.
Along with Charles & Loretta, whose daughter is college-aged, and Hooper and Aimee (Katherine will be two next month), that makes three Ogre children out in the world today. We will do some research on Ogre Ecologies to know what Ogre kids are called. Cubs? Whatever we want I suppose.
On a similar note, Ogresociates should soon be receiving their invitations to Katherine Hooper's second birthday party in late July. Come out and hang out with the gamers in a non-gaming session.

Ogres Out

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ogre Exodus

It is with many memories and much relief that the Quilt City O.G.R.E.s say goodbye and retire from the world of Azeroth, and as such, the soul-stealing game known as World of Warcraft. The Ogres have a long and esoteric history with the MMORPG, but have decided it is time to move onto new worlds.
The first Ogres to zone into the world were Charles "Chuck" Ringstaff and James "Wames" Wallace, who were shortly followed in by Evil Ryan Edwards and met for a brief period by Walter "Neodymium" H P-T. These players bounced between a few realms, predominately playing Horde side characters.
About one year into the game, Ogre Hooper joined up on Thunderlord with his character: Venwe, who would go on to become a Number 1 ranks World Champion in one of the areas of the game. Players Nick, Cain, Davo, Drew, and Jared would begin play at this time, mostly on the realm Spinebreaker where Hooper would soon move to as well.
After a year of playing together, the infamous WoW Lag began to hit players. With the recent departure of Drew and Jared, it marks the first time since Launch that not a single Ogre is active within the World of WarCraft.
However, we feel like we left a mark. With two top-ranked raiders, a history of guild formations, and one World Champion, the only thing left to say is Ogres Out.

Ogres Out

P.S.: You can look to find the Ogres spread out among the following MMORPGs now that they have retired from WoW: Walter is on/off playing Age of Conan, Hooper is awaiting the arrival of Star Trek Online, Nick is playing the free browser-based Pirates of the Carribean, and the rest seem to be eyeing Star Wars Old Republic.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ogres Live

The barely-open Executive Inn and belittled-staff of the Convention Center were no match when ninjas, pokemon, swordsages, wizards, monks, stormtroopers, and Ogres descended upon it for the fourth OMGcon. The event, wrapping up today, has become a beloved staple of the anime community and is sure to be a long-running con.
The Ogres went in guns not-so-blazing (character creation for some people takes a LONG time) and played a bit. Led by Dungeon Master Davo, who took two seconds on his costume of a Vow of Poverty Monk, led a stout team consisting of Ogres Walter, Hooper, Jake, and Cain with guests from as near as Louisville and as far away as Louisiana.
Keep an eye out for the Ogres out and about near you, or simply request they come and play at YOUR event!

Ogres Out

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This weekend marks the fourth year of anime lovers, gamers, and other assorted people who came to look at cute girls in cosplay make their way to the Julian Carroll Convention Center and the OMGcon. Secluded away in downtown Paducah, the convention houses all types of things that would interest the anime enthusiast or console gamer.
However, what we're interested in is the RPG tables set up in the gaming room. Come out THIS WEEKEND and see live Ogre antics as the Quilt City Ogres come to the OMGcon to play part of their current ongoing Valgorian campaign.
Some of the Ogres will also be available for other one-session RPGs being ran by other convention goers. Play with the areas premier gaming team and have the time of your life (minus the hangover or pregnancy fears)!
If you're not interested in playing, you can listen in and view a bit of a session or take part in the numerous console games and tournaments that will be going on during the convention (and you can oogle at the cosplay girls. Well, some of them. Most will probably be anti-oogleness).

Ogres Out

Monday, June 1, 2009

Campaign Update: VALGORA

The Ogres met last night for their weekly sabbath day D&Ding. The current game is taking place within the world known as Valgora, a homebrew generic settings invented to allow players to mold their own world.
The game has been running for roughly 4 months and is testing a gaming theory. This campaign is employing the use of alternating Dungeon Masters. That is, the DM changes every four levels. It is a test to see how it works. So far we are on our second DM for levels 5-8 which is Jake (Hooper began the game).
Characters include Alcoa the Scarfless (Walter), Lord Donavon of the House of Singh (Cain), Sister Sarah of the Order of Vargach (Loretta), Jamril the Boastful Bard (Nick), Borollo & his faithful companion Cedric (Charles [Not Chuck Ringstaff]), and Boris Petrov, Son of Ivan, of the House of Olov (Hooper).
The party began its adventures in the cold northern wastes of Bl├╝dfrost where they caught employment on a fishing vessel. A series of odd and cryptic events led them to a crash landing on the Island of Hesjing, home of the second-largest Valgorian metropolis: Talara.
It is here where our party currently resides, embroild in political turmoil, corrupt "noble" houses, royal tournaments, and mystery around every corner.
Last night saw witness to the daring escape from campus security by Borollo and Sister Sarah, perfectly ruined by the ever-truthful Scarfless Alcoa. The rage-prone Boris lost conciousness at the end of a giant's armreach and his whereabouts are currently unknown (even to himself, as he as yet to wake from his coma).
Our character's vigilance has alerted them to the looming threat of invasion and war coming just the next day. Will our heroes save the day? Will the leaders of this terrible cult come to light? Will mermaid man and barnacle boy remember their pills? Next time in Valgora.

Ogres Out