Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids & Crits

Hello Interents. We made the blog for you and sent it down thru a series of tubes so that you could view it. The Ogres have been out and about being, well, ogreish. The Valgorian Campaign is slowly marching towards a undead war that should be great. Ogre Charles (of Charles & Loretta, not of Charles the Chuckanator Chawles) has been so kind as to be the interim host while the new Ogre Lair gets refitted.
Ogre Hooper and Ogress Aimee have found out they will be having a little Ogre joining the gang in roughly 9 months, making Ogretyke Katherine an older sister! Wish them luck and congratulations the next time you see them out. Jake is preparing for his Ogre of a move in about 6 months into town.
In other news, new-first-time-father with that new baby smell Graham and his wife are preparing a friendly-to-a-family-schedule campaign. Obviously the Hoopers will be involved. If you are an Ogre follower or regional gamer who has a 9-5er and family to take care of, but still love to game, then this will be the campaign for you. Reasonable hours.
Anyways, until next time.........

Ogres Out

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