Monday, June 8, 2009

Ogre Exodus

It is with many memories and much relief that the Quilt City O.G.R.E.s say goodbye and retire from the world of Azeroth, and as such, the soul-stealing game known as World of Warcraft. The Ogres have a long and esoteric history with the MMORPG, but have decided it is time to move onto new worlds.
The first Ogres to zone into the world were Charles "Chuck" Ringstaff and James "Wames" Wallace, who were shortly followed in by Evil Ryan Edwards and met for a brief period by Walter "Neodymium" H P-T. These players bounced between a few realms, predominately playing Horde side characters.
About one year into the game, Ogre Hooper joined up on Thunderlord with his character: Venwe, who would go on to become a Number 1 ranks World Champion in one of the areas of the game. Players Nick, Cain, Davo, Drew, and Jared would begin play at this time, mostly on the realm Spinebreaker where Hooper would soon move to as well.
After a year of playing together, the infamous WoW Lag began to hit players. With the recent departure of Drew and Jared, it marks the first time since Launch that not a single Ogre is active within the World of WarCraft.
However, we feel like we left a mark. With two top-ranked raiders, a history of guild formations, and one World Champion, the only thing left to say is Ogres Out.

Ogres Out

P.S.: You can look to find the Ogres spread out among the following MMORPGs now that they have retired from WoW: Walter is on/off playing Age of Conan, Hooper is awaiting the arrival of Star Trek Online, Nick is playing the free browser-based Pirates of the Carribean, and the rest seem to be eyeing Star Wars Old Republic.

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