Thursday, June 4, 2009


This weekend marks the fourth year of anime lovers, gamers, and other assorted people who came to look at cute girls in cosplay make their way to the Julian Carroll Convention Center and the OMGcon. Secluded away in downtown Paducah, the convention houses all types of things that would interest the anime enthusiast or console gamer.
However, what we're interested in is the RPG tables set up in the gaming room. Come out THIS WEEKEND and see live Ogre antics as the Quilt City Ogres come to the OMGcon to play part of their current ongoing Valgorian campaign.
Some of the Ogres will also be available for other one-session RPGs being ran by other convention goers. Play with the areas premier gaming team and have the time of your life (minus the hangover or pregnancy fears)!
If you're not interested in playing, you can listen in and view a bit of a session or take part in the numerous console games and tournaments that will be going on during the convention (and you can oogle at the cosplay girls. Well, some of them. Most will probably be anti-oogleness).

Ogres Out

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