Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ogres Live

The barely-open Executive Inn and belittled-staff of the Convention Center were no match when ninjas, pokemon, swordsages, wizards, monks, stormtroopers, and Ogres descended upon it for the fourth OMGcon. The event, wrapping up today, has become a beloved staple of the anime community and is sure to be a long-running con.
The Ogres went in guns not-so-blazing (character creation for some people takes a LONG time) and played a bit. Led by Dungeon Master Davo, who took two seconds on his costume of a Vow of Poverty Monk, led a stout team consisting of Ogres Walter, Hooper, Jake, and Cain with guests from as near as Louisville and as far away as Louisiana.
Keep an eye out for the Ogres out and about near you, or simply request they come and play at YOUR event!

Ogres Out

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