Monday, June 1, 2009

Campaign Update: VALGORA

The Ogres met last night for their weekly sabbath day D&Ding. The current game is taking place within the world known as Valgora, a homebrew generic settings invented to allow players to mold their own world.
The game has been running for roughly 4 months and is testing a gaming theory. This campaign is employing the use of alternating Dungeon Masters. That is, the DM changes every four levels. It is a test to see how it works. So far we are on our second DM for levels 5-8 which is Jake (Hooper began the game).
Characters include Alcoa the Scarfless (Walter), Lord Donavon of the House of Singh (Cain), Sister Sarah of the Order of Vargach (Loretta), Jamril the Boastful Bard (Nick), Borollo & his faithful companion Cedric (Charles [Not Chuck Ringstaff]), and Boris Petrov, Son of Ivan, of the House of Olov (Hooper).
The party began its adventures in the cold northern wastes of Bl├╝dfrost where they caught employment on a fishing vessel. A series of odd and cryptic events led them to a crash landing on the Island of Hesjing, home of the second-largest Valgorian metropolis: Talara.
It is here where our party currently resides, embroild in political turmoil, corrupt "noble" houses, royal tournaments, and mystery around every corner.
Last night saw witness to the daring escape from campus security by Borollo and Sister Sarah, perfectly ruined by the ever-truthful Scarfless Alcoa. The rage-prone Boris lost conciousness at the end of a giant's armreach and his whereabouts are currently unknown (even to himself, as he as yet to wake from his coma).
Our character's vigilance has alerted them to the looming threat of invasion and war coming just the next day. Will our heroes save the day? Will the leaders of this terrible cult come to light? Will mermaid man and barnacle boy remember their pills? Next time in Valgora.

Ogres Out

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