Saturday, May 30, 2009

Regional Geekery: STARFLEET

As Ogres, we are very familiar with the term "Geek" and its various other incarnations (i.e. Nerd, Loser, Virgin, etc.) However, unlike most, we gladly accept this affectionate title. We have began a massive undertaking of trying to network not only the regional gamers, but regional "Geeks" into groups where we like-minded individuals can all get to know each other.
As such, Ogres are becoming more and more affiliated with other classic geek genres. Some regional gamers are also members of the Paducah Imperials, Paducah's premier Star Wars Costuming club and Vader's Fist.
However, no such Star Trek equivalent exists. We are here to make that happen! Ogre Hooper is currently working on creating Paducah's "Ship" for commissioning into the fleet of STARFLEET International: The Star Trek Fanclub. The ship, which is currently under the title consideration of U.S.S. Gulgar, will include regional Star Trek fans.
Are you a Star Trek fan? Whether a classic die-hard "Trekkie" or "Trekker" or just a casual "yeah that's cool" fan, you can join! How do you? The first step would be to join the club itself, STARFLEET International, by clicking here.
Then, get in touch with Ogre Hooper and let him know that you would like to be a member of the U.S.S. Gulgar's maiden voyage crew! Make it so!

Ogres Out

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