Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ogre Spotlight: Nick


Born: Nickolai Alexei Henley the 17th of Yorkshire
on the shore of Glen Finnan, colloquially known as Nick Henley.
Ogre Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Age: 20 Earth Years
Occupation: Cameraman for WPSD Local 6
Characters: Arthus Flintlock, Captain - Jamril the Bard, Douie Solitude, and Aiden.

Nick is currently playing the character of Jamril, a headstrong and self-confident musician out to have a little fun and make a lot of money in the Valgorian campaign setting, along side such characters as Alcoa the Scarfless (Walter), Lord Donavon of the House of Singh (Cain), Sister Sarah of the Order of Vargach (Ogresociate), Borollo & his faithful companion Cedric (Ogresociate), and Boris Petrov, Son of Ivan, of the House of Olov (Hooper).
Jamril's antics, and as such, Nick's antics, constantly keep the party roaring in laughter and scheming up the next way of escaping from the jail cell he has no-doubt landed them in.
Nickolai is a scorpio who enjoys long walks on the beach and subtle sittings along the shores of his ancestral home. To learn more or meet Nick, you can contact him online via the Ogres Forum.

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