Saturday, May 30, 2009

Regional Geekery: STARFLEET

As Ogres, we are very familiar with the term "Geek" and its various other incarnations (i.e. Nerd, Loser, Virgin, etc.) However, unlike most, we gladly accept this affectionate title. We have began a massive undertaking of trying to network not only the regional gamers, but regional "Geeks" into groups where we like-minded individuals can all get to know each other.
As such, Ogres are becoming more and more affiliated with other classic geek genres. Some regional gamers are also members of the Paducah Imperials, Paducah's premier Star Wars Costuming club and Vader's Fist.
However, no such Star Trek equivalent exists. We are here to make that happen! Ogre Hooper is currently working on creating Paducah's "Ship" for commissioning into the fleet of STARFLEET International: The Star Trek Fanclub. The ship, which is currently under the title consideration of U.S.S. Gulgar, will include regional Star Trek fans.
Are you a Star Trek fan? Whether a classic die-hard "Trekkie" or "Trekker" or just a casual "yeah that's cool" fan, you can join! How do you? The first step would be to join the club itself, STARFLEET International, by clicking here.
Then, get in touch with Ogre Hooper and let him know that you would like to be a member of the U.S.S. Gulgar's maiden voyage crew! Make it so!

Ogres Out

Friday, May 29, 2009

Regional Gaming: SCRABBLE Night

We would just like to take a moment to inform you all that the McCracken County Library in Paducah has began hosting a SCRABBLE night the last Thursday of each month.

Interested in Scrabble? Take a moment and watch the informative and entertaining documentary about the lives of four Tournament Scrabble players: Word Wars. Word Wars: Tiles & Tribulations on the Scrabble Circuit follows the lives of former champion Joe Edley, eccentric "G.I." Joel, optimistic Matt Graham, and Marlon Hill, a pre-mecca Malcolm playing Scrabble.

You can also check out the book Word Freak (though, unfortunately, it does not look as if McLib has a copy available. Perhaps this will be remedied if the Scrabble Nights take off).

Once the rush of moving and new marriage wears off him, look forward to seeing Ogre Hooper, a card-carrying member of the National Scrabble Association and the North American Scrabble Players Association at the Library events.

Ogres Out

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ogre Spotlight: Nick


Born: Nickolai Alexei Henley the 17th of Yorkshire
on the shore of Glen Finnan, colloquially known as Nick Henley.
Ogre Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Age: 20 Earth Years
Occupation: Cameraman for WPSD Local 6
Characters: Arthus Flintlock, Captain - Jamril the Bard, Douie Solitude, and Aiden.

Nick is currently playing the character of Jamril, a headstrong and self-confident musician out to have a little fun and make a lot of money in the Valgorian campaign setting, along side such characters as Alcoa the Scarfless (Walter), Lord Donavon of the House of Singh (Cain), Sister Sarah of the Order of Vargach (Ogresociate), Borollo & his faithful companion Cedric (Ogresociate), and Boris Petrov, Son of Ivan, of the House of Olov (Hooper).
Jamril's antics, and as such, Nick's antics, constantly keep the party roaring in laughter and scheming up the next way of escaping from the jail cell he has no-doubt landed them in.
Nickolai is a scorpio who enjoys long walks on the beach and subtle sittings along the shores of his ancestral home. To learn more or meet Nick, you can contact him online via the Ogres Forum.

Ogres Out

Ogre Origins

If you're currently viewing this page, then you most likely already know all there is to know about the lovable group of gamers known as the Quilt City Ogres. However, for that .000002 percent of people who actually happened upon the group, whether via local word of mouth, hilarious youtube shenanigans, or a series of tubes, we'd like to first introduce ourselves to you and explain who we are and where we come from.


The Quilt City O.G.R.E.s are a gaming group from Paducah, KY. The name stems from two separate things. The first is the nickname of our hometown (due to it's humble hosting of the Quilt Museum and annual Quilt Festival - we know you're impressed). The second is an abbreviated term for the Organizations of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts. In english, that means a bunch of gaming geeks from a town in Western Kentucky who play all ranges of games, from the standard tabletop standards (i.e. scrabble, risk) to RPGs (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars). We exist as a networking tool for regional gamers to find like-minded individuals to boost the joy of our hobby, as well as to slay the orcs.


Our "core" founding members include many local gamers. These include photographer Walter "Neodymium" Pfieffer-Thompson, promoter Hooper, hospitalist Jake "Caveman" Kubitchek, political science major Charles "Pizza Hands" Ringstaff, famed arithmatic James "Wames" Wallace, singer/songwriter David "Davo" Waddell, and way too many more to list. However, we welcome all regional gamers to accept the affectionate title of Ogres. Ogresociates include the wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, and mistresses of the Ogres.

Now that we've managed to fill you in just a bit about who we are, we welcome you to browse our website and get in touch with us if you wish to game alongside us. Convention and other Event coordinators may wish to have Ogres on Location at their event, and should also contact us.

Keep coming back to our blog here for updates on what is going on in the Quilt City and read first-hand accounts of gaming happenings and campaign progression. Until then,

Ogres Out