Friday, January 15, 2010

Playtesters Requested

Hi all. The chapter is looking for a few individuals interested in assisting us flesh out our augmented D20 System for use in D&D 3.5 Superhero games: Super or Sinister. The concept is fairly simple (we think), but will take some playtesting to get all the kinks out. First, we understand that many other systems do exist for playing Superheroes within the revised second edition, but after looking into each it seems like they augment the system too much for our taste. We're trying to develop a small augmentation that will make it easy for those already familiar and comfortable with the 3.5 mechanics to learn.

The Super or Sinister augmentation is based around the gaining of Feats, just like many current characters built within the bounds of the mechanics already available. At character creation, a player will select one "Origin Feat" - a feat that exemplifies one of the classic powers and/or abilities of Superheroes. Currently developed rules for Origin Feats include Super Speed, Strength, Flight, Size altering, Telekinesis, Telekinetic, and Amphibious anatomy.
Other than the Origin feat, the player creates their character like any normal game. So you could create a fighter with superstrength (Superman?), a ranger with superspeed (Flash?), or an amphibious, umm, amphibian (Aqua-f'n-man).
Now, as the character progresses in level, he/she may take on additional Super or Sinister feats in the form of "Honing Feats." The feats may augment or improve a Origin Feat, and will require the Origin Feat as a prerequisite, or they may be smaller or less-amazing superpowers that do not require one particular Origin Feat. These feats are available whenever a character would normally be granted a feat, so a fighter would have the ability to get more Honing feats (and lets face it, Superman would need every feat for all the ridiculous stuff DC lets him do).
Depending on the Dungeon Master's desired power level, the Super or Sinister feats may either be the only available feats (very powerful game) or used for every other feat (normal). For just slightly altered games, the DM may only allow the use of the single Origin Feat.
Anyways, enough with synopsis and bad writing, we need your help! It is actually a two part help request. First: think about some good Origin and Honing Feats that you don't see listed on those respective lists, and give feedback on the ones you do see. When it comes to Honing Feats, we've really just begun and there is an arguably-endless amount that we could create. A DM and player may always work together to create a new Super or Sinister feat when needed, but having them prepared before hand is always nice.
Secondly: we need playtesters. So, come forth merry traveler (read: die roller) and tell us what you think.

Other things to keep up on to playtest: Valgora and West Canaan Wizards.

Ogres Out

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