Saturday, January 9, 2010

Call for Help: Video Software

As many may be aware (many = 3 people in New Zealand), we started out on the web over at youtube where we have uploaded over 100 videos and excerpts, mostly humurous asides, of our gaming sessions. The most popular video seems to be "Absurd Moments in Dungeon & Dragons" and, well, we're trying to make an even better sequel and having some issues.
The issue we are having is that we've upgraded from the original Flip Videos (yeah, really amateur here) to the newest version and it saves into a MP4 file format that the free program we formally used, Windows Movie Maker (see above note on amateur-ness), will not read that format.
After exhausting all efforts and trying everything we read and were told to by other users, nothing works. So, what program is simple to use (not Avidemux) that doesn't crash every moment (read: Avidemux) that we can use?
Additionally, does anyone know of any software that can do any of the following: add news tickers and other nice graphic placements such as local news stations use, allow for automated streaming for when we're at our upcoming conventions, and thirdly freely gives us a professional video editor to do all the work for us. So, anyone out there who can help? Hit us up here and let us know!

Ogres Out

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