Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 First Quarter Events

Ah, a new year! And as such, time to prepare exactly how, when, and where we're going to get our geek on. Luckilly, we've got plenty of geek to go around and this year has plenty of opportunities for us to do so. We won't get too far ahead, but here is what the first quarter of 2010 currently holds for us:


It all starts early on later this month when the people behind Bazooka Magazine, Crash Comics, and Gamer's Paradise are preparing to put together what they're referring to as "Geekfest" to be held Friday, January 29th here in Paducah, KY at Gamer's Paradise on downtown Broadway. Our chapter of Ogres is planning to be present with all sorts of RPGs and board games, from the easy (to introduce newcomers who have never played) to the hard (cruncyfest for those with AD&D and Rift tattoos). More information on this event will be seen over at the Bazooka website, as we're just participants, so keep up to date over there.


Keeping things more close to home, our main event this month will be the Board of Directors meeting. Remember other chapters: this meeting will finalize the if/why/how of chapter dues (will we have them? / why are they necessary? how much and how will it be managed? ). Currently chapters do not have to abide by any dues, but may if they wish to help pay for any RPG materials, food, gaming locations, or the like. For example, our chapter dues is $5.00 per month per active member. For more information on the Dues Discussion and how to make your voice or chapter's voice heard, check out the Board of Directors page over at The Ogre Lair Wiki.


Other than some grand personal Ogre things going on (the Hooper family has their baby boy due early this month, a few birthdays, and the like), the month will be mostly quiet with the general gaming schedule for the chapter staying the same. Former chapter member and now Derby City Ogres Chapter Coordinator Charles Ringstaff is going to be doing a large scale recruitment process for the chapter out in Louisville and we will be helping him out with that process. Additionally we hope to have our layout finalized at this time for the upcoming Valgora Campaign Setting pdf utilizing the Quick Ass Game System (aka QAGS).

Later in Year....

As the snow melts and the sun stays present more, the year will kick in to high gear later on with many convention appearances and road trips that our chapter has on the books. Not to mention the slowly growing and crawling out of their caves other chapters in the area that are starting to be more active in their local communities. Anyways, 2010 looks to be the Year of the Ogres, and we just can't wait! Till next time...

Ogres Out

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