Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Obligatory Top Five List

As you've no doubt have come across in abundance during the recent final few weeks of the decade, many individuals feel the need to "countdown" their Top X of Whatever for the world - and we Ogres are no different. However, we prefer to give you time to let the holiday season hecticness pass. In the spirit of extreme open-ended vagueness - this is our Quilt City Ogres Top Five RPG-Related Whatevers of the Decade. For the sake of convenience, you can just call it the Ten Ogremandents. It'll work.

5. Dungeons & Dragons Online
We hoped it would of been better, but was glad it came none the less. In our minds, setting it in Waterdeep would of been better, but beggars can't be choosers. It was amazing at first, but the small community of real D&D fans was overshadowed by the Crunchy WoW-esque Twinks that a special spot in hell should be reserved for.

4. Wil Wheaton

Geek's Shining Knight who came around and let us all know it was okay to dislike Wesley Crusher and play role-playing games. He was arguably the snowball that started the avalanche that leads us to....

3. Geek Chic
You know the guys who walk around talking about how they liked Metallica before they were mainstream, or how they dug The Daily Show before Jon Stewart took the reins. You know, the holier-than-thou always-better-than-you bros. Well, thanks to the past decade (which refers to as "the dorkade"), we are those bros. Its now cool to be a geek, and if you were a geek before it was cool, then you can cut line at the local comic store for the next issue of......well, if you were geeky before then there probably hasn't been a comic lately that was good enough for you to wait in line for (but on a similar note, Tony Stark is a dick).

You remember how it started? First a random Thunder Cats shirt is in the mall (and you know that kid buying wasn't there man, he never watched it. Closest he came was Beast Wars). Wil Wheaton started blogging. Everyone got the internet apparently because of Al Gore's series of tubes. Star Wars wrapped up. Star Trek went for the gold.

2. Dungeon & Dragons 3.x
After a rough start, 3.5 hit. Many individuals (read: us) will argue for years if it was the saving factor of the entire role-playing game industry, but when Dungeons & Dragons revamped itself and had a costume change and powdered its note - it stormed the stage and all remembered just who the boss was. The game was changed. Whether for the better or worse - the next generation of RPGs was here, and its been a crazy game ever since.

1. Each Other
Call us old fashioned, but the thing that makes the game worthwhile to us is each other. The fellowship of a gaming table and the memories that are made around it are for life, and no MMORPG will ever equal those moments. Basicaly, this made our decade.

Ogres Out

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