Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preparing for OMGcon, RPG Myths Panel

After shutting up for the entire month of April, we've decided to annoy you again! So, you, well, you just sit there and take it. We've had a great deal of fun recently, from local conventions to several new chapters, but the time is fast approaching for our chapter's favorite convention right here in our own backyard: OMGcon! In it's 5th year, the convention boasts over 1,000 attendees here in Western Kentucky who come together for anime and gaming. Oh, and guess what chapter of O.G.R.E.s is helping run the Tabletop Room?....Yep! You caught us, it's our chapter!

You can always hop over to our Calendar of Events page at the Ogre Lair and check out the schedule we've put together for the tabletop room. You may notice that we're planning a great panel entitled "RPG Myths, Lies, & Misconceptions: An Interactive Timeline of Bad Press." As RPG Examiner mentioned, we invite anyone to come and sit in (We're really hoping local journalist Mr. Walker of the Paducah Sun, who is infamous in the RPG world for some horrible articles on gaming he ran back in the 80s that stated things completely opposite of what sources had, will show up and get enlightened).

Other fun events include the Laser Ponies: Prances With Wolves session with it's very special pre-game Laser Pony Miniature Creation Workshop, the Magic: The Gathering booster draft tournament(which comes with a special prize provided by O.G.R.E.s), the first public testing of the homebrew West Canaan Wizards, Hex Games coming in to run a session of their in-development "All Stars" game with the previous working title of Super Zeroes, and of course some sessions of chapter favorites Settlers of Catan and BreadTwist.
Preregistration for OMGcon is open right now and those booking in groups get discounts, so make sure to jump on before it's too late. Other events outside of the tabletop room include cosplay contest, guests, panels, artist alley, vendors, rave, and so much more! You won't want to miss out on what will be our chapter's biggest party this side of OgreCon. Oh, and they'll be girls there. Yeah. Confirmed. We'd tell you more, but we're sure you already clicked the OMGcon link as soon as you read about girls and started the preregistration process. Good for you.

Ogres Out

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