Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Open Letter to the Boston Herald

Recently, a journalist posted this article on their website, discussing the already-disproven link between RPGs and crime (though they conveniently leave out the disproven part). The following was an email we sent to the journalist in question, and we encourage other users to as well.

Hello Ms. Sweet,
My name is Hooper and I'm a member of the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts, commonly known as the OGREs, where I sit on the Committee on Gaming Advocacy. Your recent short article has been brought to our attention and it truly concerns us.
You see, role-playing games have a long history of moral panic, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and downright lies. Additionally, the article you recently wrote seems to of just been a "filler" piece by you. Something that you may have penned down just to get something out there is yet another thing that harms our hobby industry. Professional study after professional study has found absolutely no link betwen role-playing games and any kind of violent or anti-social behavior.
On our website, www.ogrelair.org, you can find a link to RPG Myths, Lies, & Misconceptions. Additionally, groups like the CAR-PGA (another RPG advocacy group) and websites like www.theescapist.com (an RPG advocacy website) can assist you. Any of the individuals in these groups, or behind these websites, or myself - would love to speak with you on writing an article that shows the truth behind the misconceptions. The more that these misconceptions get spread falsely, the harder it is for honest individuals to understand the things and actions that are truly connected to criminal tendencies.

Ogres Out

*In the email, due to Murphy's Law, we told the reporter our website was www.ogrelair.com, not .org. That is incorrect. Sorry.

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