Saturday, October 24, 2009

Knowledge (local) Check

Well, the past week or so has been spent doing extreme research into appropriate laws and what not, and, well, the Ogres are on their way to being "official." Our chapter-based gaming advocacy and social club will be based in the state of Kentucky, but other than some small paperwork in each state we enter - nothing changes. This just gives us the ability to be on the "safe" side of the town guard as we aggressively expand the organization.

In light of that, we're working on a Ogres homepage (as well as making the Quilt City Ogres website not suck as bad). Now, enough with the official chatter, let us talk about gaming!

The Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 "rotating dm" game is still going on each sunday at 7. The past couple of months have seen a few delays with the shifting DM, schedules of players, and such - but it is getting back on track. The best news thus far is that we've finally managed to get off the Island of Hesjing and out of Talara.

A D20 Modern campaign is being played every other thursday at 5 and is set in a alternative future circa 2055 (actually, it is still part of the Valgora campaign setting - but we'll save that for another time). On the alternate thursdays, another 3.5 D&D game is running in the campaign world of local legend Graham Griffin.

In general local gaming news, we'd like to mention that the new store "Gamer's Paradise" is now open (and has been for a bit - but we blog so rarely) down on broadway. Area 51 and the new Gamer's Paradise are more geared towards video gamers than tabletop gamers, but many of our shared demographics play both. Also, out in Murray there is a new Camarilla group being started up, so go check them out at

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